What is your electricity cost?

0,18186 Euro/Kwh daymode 7-23 hours
0,16976 Euro/Kwh nightmode 23-7 hours

And using more then 10.000 KW a year i pay different prices, yes i reach that within a few months…lol…
I pay less taxes then, so…it’s pays to use more :slight_smile:

0,12047 Euro/Kwh daymode 7-23 hours
0,10837 Euro/Kwh nightmode 23-7 hours

about 0,16€ /kWh in Austria

About 0.15$ /KW/h South Africa

Brazil: ~ 0.21 USD/kwh
In US, depending where you @. In FL you can get ~0.085 for comercial bill.
In Paraguay is ~0.07
China also depending, comercial ~0.07

It seems the bottom is ~0.07
Anyone from Iceland???

in Romania: 0.09 USD/kwh

0.105 Euro/0.12 US$ per 1kw/h, final total price with all taxes and additional fees

$0.045 US per kWh.

Unfortunately I am in Arizona and the additional cost of running air conditioning constantly balances out the cheap rate.
Also, environmental temperatures are high enough (100+ regularly), air conditioning must be used. Can’t simply vent the hot air and let outside air come in.

Did you calculate about how much additionally cost this does put on the kw/h price? Or better asked, what is the final kw/h price when you include the airconditioning extra power?

0.04 USD per kWh in Alberta, Canada.

WOW…that is heaven for mining.

I pay 0.13$ per Kwh …Serbia
And our politicians will say often how we have cheapest electricity in europe…during Slobodan Milosevic electricity was almost free…but there was no mining then :frowning:

Now you’re getting into the environmental thermal capacity (yeah, I know a LOT more about thermodynamics now than I did before mining).
In my environment and type of buildings I use, it costs me about 1 rig worth of mining for every 8 I have running to cover AC needs. But another issue tends to be the number of AC units available. I’ve worked out that I need about 1/2 ton AC per rig at my locations and a single location tends to max out around 8 tons of AC (2x 4-ton units cooling 16 rigs). Without significant investment in the building itself it’s hard to find locations with capacity larger than that. Hard enough finding locations with high enough electrical capacity (200 amps or more) without it being a significantly oversized warehouse.

of course these numbers are based on my specific office designs and size as well as my environment (very dry and warm). Likely have different requirements in other areas. Warm damp, cool damn, and cool dry environments would all have very different cooling demands and therefore electrical demands.

thx for the detailed explaination, but did you do the math with how much it will increase your kw/h price exactly?

And yes, i’am always interested in learning and electricity cost as a main factor is always of interest.

Not only to compare to my environment, me is living in the mountains here in europe 1000m above sea level, but as well to see if cheaper electricty pays back even if such additionally cost has to be included into the price.

Heheh…yes, of course I know exactly how much my AC costs me…down to each watt and time of day. I just make a point to not give out exact numbers of my company’s operations though. Probably no real risk doing so but I prefer to be a little more cautious about things like that. My office neighbors don’t even know what my business is. Nice part is my state has minimal business license and registration requirements if I am not seeing customers in the office so there is very little documentation and paper trail of my office locations.
The above points are just the high level guides I follow regarding scale requirements.

Are you sure that it’s really 0.13 per kw/h? I was as well always under the impression that electricity in Serbia is the most cheap in whole Europe and i was several times thinking about moving my mining operations there allready…

I live in Serbia…
I pay 0.07 EUR / kWh in “blue zone”.
(blue zone → 351 - 1600 kWh/month)
(red zone → more then 1600 kWh/mothm price is double than blue zone)
Ofcourse, you have about 10EUR fixed fees in bill…

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Well that is not true…only if you use electricity just for basic stuff…1600Kw monthly and that is just 10 good GPUS you will enter red zone and will pay much more … i have 40 GPY in 2 different apartments and pay around 13 cents per kw …but if you pay like industry price its cheaper (around 7-8 cents) but i am far from that.

Yes, realized that allready as Damir has explained it allready. Was aware of these blue/red zones.

Why not industry electricity if it’s only 7 or 8 cents? I’am with 0.105 Euro industrial price. Just curious as the difference in electircity is big .

As a personal miner, not compagny prices :slight_smile:

I have day and night prices ( day = 7 am till 11 pm and night is 11 pm till 7 am )

1 - 10.000 kwh > 0,19341 EURO day and 0,18184 EURO night
10.000 - 50.000 kwh > 0,13649 EURO day and 0,12492 EURO night
50.000 - 100.000 kwh > 0,07369 EURO day and 0,06212 EURO night

I also invested in solar power with profits in the beginning, and those do around 25 % of my total energy consumption ( costs a day ) on sunny days…

Hi Noobvie,

Is that the price in a big city like Saigon and for an apartment building?

Checking at some of my recent bills, it’s closer to 0.09 - 0.1/KwH (About 2100 vnd/KhW)

I just found out my costs go down the more electricity I buy? It was .10/KwH now it is 0.0669/KwH in southern US. Roughly 7000 KWH.