What is your view on Dr. Craig Wright + Gavin Andresen situation?

Just curious to get the communities thoughts on what Gavin is saying here …my gut tells me there is more to this whole thing. Maybe Craig was part of a larger group that did create Bitcoin? I’m not sure why he is doing what he is doing. Is it possible he fooled Gavin? There is something bigger at play here I suspect with Craig Wright and nchain with their patents. @zooko was one of the few people referenced by Satoshi. He has been searching for true digital money longer than most people on the Internet that I know of. Also been a huge advocate for privacy for all humans. I respect Zooko and what he does very much. This is the reason I ask this here. It would be interesting to get your view on this situation as well @zooko

With Ver now backing Bitcoin Cash along with Dr. Wright … many new people entering the crypt0 craze will be left confused by this FUD spreading around. Some possibly will end up ruined in a few years time at the end of all this if they are not protecting themselves…
This has been a wild year in the crypt0 world for sure…I suspect 2018 will be even crazier.

Some interesting videos /links for you guys to analyze :

nchain videos of wright speaking:

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