Craig Wright has filed copyright registrations for the Bitcoin whitepaper

Bitcoin creator Craig S. Wright (Satoshi Nakamoto) granted US copyright registrations for Bitcoin white paper and code

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not sure if there’s a more unlikable dude on the planet. have a feeling this won’t be good for bitcoin’s brand longterm.


Looks like another Satoshi Nakamoto (a.k.a. Ronald Keala Kua Maria) already had a “copyrighted” work back in 2016 :rofl:


Of all people Satoshi would know that the only way to prove himself as the true owner of his addresses would be to either move some amount of known coins or sign a valid message from a known address.

If Zcash had a ‘Satoshi’…he/she/they could move coins and nobody would know.

I prefer it our way :wink:


He lost all of his keys, so he can’t.

Why don’t we just believe he is Satoshi, believe it or we sue you hahaha

The guy is an idiot and gets crazier by the day, with some help of his coingeek friends. But at least he did a nice pump on his shitcoin, oeps sorry, I ment the real Bitcoin offcourse :clown_face:

And now on a serieus note, 1 of the adresses he filed in court as one of his, has send a message like you suggested, it said graig is a scammer. I wonder how that will play out in court for him.

People like this are bad for Cryptho, real bad

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