What’s your Zcash Thesis?

Placeholder published their Zcash thesis this week.

It’s not just the engineering chops that draw us to Zcash; it’s the heart and commitment to the societal cause, with a multi-decadal plan to succeed. Because in this case, failing to provide all of us privacy and economic freedom isn’t an option.

MGRC voting ends this week, tomorrow 9/18 to be exact! In this thread, share your thoughtful, creative, audacious ideas for Zcash, privacy and economic freedom. What types of projects should the MGRC focus on in the year ahead?

We’ll give hoodies to the top three suggestions with the most :heart:.
We’ll announce winners during the livestream next Thursday.


I would love to see a game for K-12 incorporating age appropriate education on data privacy & financial/economic education, with zcash as a reward token, which could be incorporated into current homeschooling & future schooling (whatever that will look like).

Why K-12? For all the obvious reasons its best to teach skills & philosophies early as possible.

Why a a game? Path of least resistance to young minds. Path of least resistance to behavioral conditioning. People must want to engage in the activity for it to be successful. Also, I still believe adoption through gaming & young people who have never known a world without apps & tokens, is a path of least resistance.

What about the current “Apple issues” with apps that “earn crypto”? That must be worked around anyway. Its ultimately futile to force fit a new paradigm into a legacy system the paradigm was conceived to replace.

Become the education, workarounds & new standards you want to see in the world?


I would like to see a large exchange offer shielded deposits & withdrawals - a determined effort to make that happen.

This isn’t just an MGRC thing, it’d need resources but also ECC expertise and build on their efforts with regulators etc. Add to that education, outreach and it’d be quite a program.

If successful, actually - lets say ‘when successful’ - there would be an excellent narrative based around why privacy is essential and a precedent for other exchanges to follow.


Remember cash - never forget! ezgif-5-0d72ec74c4c1

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Where do we vote? Could someone kindly provide a link?

Just like the post you like the most :heart:

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More swag / collectables would be good.

I’m a bit conflicted about wearing Zcash clothing in public to something other than a Zcash meetup or event. Both for the reason that I don’t currently wear clothing with € / $ branding and also that it’s putting information “out there” that I’d prefer to keep private.

Back to the collectibles, how about Physical Zcash, using a similar approach to the Casascius coins and bars that were made for Bitcoin…

We could have 1 ZEC coins (and other denominations), stored in shielded addresses, could we use viewing keys to allow people to validate the balance? We could also have mystery coins, where the balance is unknown and ?? is displayed on it rather than the value.

Then I could buy some and put them in my drawer (and maybe my safe one day), my swag / collectible itch will have been scratched (for a while)

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It would be great to focus on third-party wallets (non-custodial + custodial), ecosystem around viewing keys, apps that incentivizes storing crypto in z-addr (one idea: deposit/lock-in ZEC to receive untraceable rewards/prizes/APY/yields)

First year could be more about grabbing low-hanging fruits.


where can we purchase the hoodies!?

@treasonous https://teespring.com/stores/electric-coin-company

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An effort to abstract away seed phrases and private keys from Zcash wallets would be interesting. I think this could help make it easier for non-techies to adopt Zcash.

I keep a running thread of projects working on this here:



If BTC offered z-addr, exchanges would do it immediately. They would ask their users to deposit to z-addr (so no one can see how much BTC they hold in their wallets). If ZEC trading volume is comparable - they have incentive to do it.

Brought back memories of conversations we had in this thread:

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@coin_artist on Twitter!

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And the winners are @ChileBob, @dontbeevil, @john-light and @zecretary!
We’ll follow up via DM to get you those hoodies. Thanks for playing everyone.



Wish Granted !!! Woohooo!!! Time to get a Gemini account :slight_smile:


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I bet !!! Hey! Well done to all involved, its a major achievement !! :slight_smile: