What will happen to t-address after NU5?

If the address of Zcash is integrated with the April update and becomes “Z address”, can’t it be stored in a normal wallet??

Plz tell me😵

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T-address will not be deprecated in NU5. Unified Address is a UX improvement mainly for shielded addresses. So, it wouldn’t affect your experience with t-address.


All types will still be supported after the upgrade but after that all addys not associated with/as a UA will be considered legacy.


Does it mean that additional functions cannot be used and can be stored in a ‘legacy’ form?

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What do you mean by additional functions?

What can be stored in legacy form?

Say, if you are storing your ZEC in a Ledger device that only supports t-address. Then. you would still be able to use it immediately after NU5.

While there has been community support on deprecating t-address, there has been no decision taken by anyone on if/when t-address will be deprecated.


As a long-term investment, we will only store it in a hard wallet. I don’t want to trade. We know that Zcash will be consolidated into z-addresses with an upgrade in April.
Hard wallets only support t addresses. How do I move my assets from t-address to z-address? If I can’t move from t-address to z-address, should I change my wallet? For example, with Night Wallet.

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Trezor is currently developing shielded ZEC app for their Model T devices. This work is supported by the Zcash Community Grants.

Ledger has stated that they currently have no plan on developing app for shielded ZEC. See: