Transfering ZEC from t-address to z-address. How can this be achieved?

Let’s say you buy some ZEC from some exchange and then transfer ZEC from exchange to Ledger Live desktop app that supports Zcash.

So far all the transactions have used t-addresses (transparent).

Now if the user would want to further transfer some of his/her ZEC from Ledger Live desktop app t-address to Zecwallet Lite mobile app z-address (shielded), how can this be achieved?

The problem is Ledger Live desktop app does not recognize z-addresses and is therefore unable to transfer any ZEC to those shielded addresses, so how can this conversion from t-address to z-address be achieved?

Thank you for the info!

They are working on an updated app for Ledger to support z addresses via a grant. I suppose if you want to do it before that is available then you will have to send it to the t address first then to the z address. Maybe someone with more experience can chime in.

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That is very good to hear that support may be coming to Ledger Live app at some point making it possible to send to z-addresses too!

I am personally in no rush, I was just curious how that could be done. Thank you!

Zecwallet lite supports t addys so you could generate one and send it there and then to a shielded addy, it also uses the migration tool so even if you send a little it will all end up in one z addy


That is great to hear! Thank you for the info!