Whats best gpu miner for zcash mining?

hey there,
whats best gpu miner for zcash mining?
also whats best Power/motherboard/Ram/cpu model?
can i use 2 gpu or more in the one desktop system?
thanks to all members.

AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB or 8 GB

EVGA 1300W PSU/ASRock H81 Pro BTC(you can fix 6 GPU)/Corsair 8GB RAM/Intel Celeron.

if your mobo has 2 PCI slot then you can do it.


Just to note that these cards only work with the AMDGPU-Pro Drivers and there have been some of the private GPU mining developers having issues with these drivers. I think they will definitely be supported eventually but until we have a public GPU miner it's hard to strongly recommend this card (thought it is great bang for your buck). I think Zeropond and Toomim are primarily on the 290/390 cards.

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Hi, this page will help you a lot:


GPU performance chart, mining calculator, etc.

You can have 2 GPUs if your mobo and power supply support them.

Have fun!