When zcash halving?

I can’t seem to get accurate details about when halving occurs. this page says block height 2,092,800 which appears to make sense since last halving occurred on November 18, 2020 at block height 1,046,400

yet block explorer is past that and at the time of posting was Zcash / Block / 2093543 — Blockchair blocks still show 3.125 ZEC, what did i miss?

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Good question. The question has revealed the level of lack correct common informations about Zcash on the internet.

Check this link: 减半倒计时 | ViaWallet多币种区块浏览器 ViaBTC is one of biggest Zcash pool in the world.


thanks for the link, any idea how this was derived? doesn’t make sense at all to me

No idea, they likely just picked another coin halving schedule and then stuck with it regardless of anything the community ever said to them.
This one is based on the actual Zcash block subsidy that’s programmed into the protocol


It should be ZF’s role to make sure everything’s correct… So many mistakes on every coin market tracking websites, what are they doing ?


Today there are exactly 1.5 years left until halving.


thanks, it’s sad that zcash devs are just silent, show how careless the attitude is… can’t wait exit at the first rally.

Ok, bye! :vulcan_salute:

is accurate for halving today

There definitely isn’t a halving today. Should be late next year. I’ll debug the zecpages countdown presently. Thanks for asking!

EDIT: looks like zecblockexplorer.com is no more, at least for now, which is where I was getting the height. In the immediate term, you can see a lovely and accurate countdown here: Network Information - Z.Cash

Does anyone know of another hot and free API that can give me the current height? It’d make my fix very easy. For now I’ve patched my countdown so it’ll be close to correct absent a third party api.


You should be able to grab that with getblock.io free public shared-node acct, only requires an email.
I did a video about it a while ago and i’m pretty sure somebody else did one recently covered about the same thing
post json requests to a Zcashd shared node (Postman + block.io) - YouTube


Thank you stud I will check it out :man_mechanic:

EDIT: this was just what I needed, thanks again

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You can also check my implementation of zcash halving countdown here

My halving countdown also get the current block reward and reward after halving. And other things.

Read more about it on my free2z page

Or go straight here to see it in action.

I believe it’s quite accurate. But I’m not sure though.

To be more specific, my api returns all this info (example):

  "height":2146985, // Current blockchain height
  "next_halving":2726400, // Next Halving block height
  "remaining_blocks":579415, // Remaining blocks until next halving
  "current_subsidy":312500000, // Current block subsidy in zatoshi
  "next_subsidy":156250000, // Next block subsidy in zatoshi
      "secs":45, // Remaining seconds until next halving
      "mins":8, // Remaining minutes until next halving
      "hours":23, // Remaining hours until next halving
      "days":502 // Remaining days until next halving
  "halving_date":"2024-11-20T21:46:45.773Z" // Estimated date the halving will occur

The place I rely on for the halving countdown now is the Zcash dashboard by AlphaDay (another ZCG recipient)


I dont want to rain on your parade, but I have the feeling that ZEC is pretty much dead

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If ZEC is dead, why are you here then? Ah, I see that you’re in this for the tech. Awesome!

by the way prozcash.ru was flagged as having malware by Malwarebytes, you may want to check

thanks everyone that posted links to working solutions to get halving right. Much appreciated. Things like these are what make the community great again.


Thanks! I do not know why this is so. This is my website and I regularly check it for viruses.

Another thing is that some users of such services for some reason mark it as not recommended. I do not know how to deal with this, we will always have competitors.

UPD It is possible that Malwarebytes reacts to the Coingecko tracker, which is present in the course display script, and there is also a yandex tracker on the site - this is the most popular search engine in the Russian Federation, and I would like to be able to get good search results for requests related to zcash, so I use this.