Where are my Zcash Coins? - Balance always 0!

Hey Guys,

After I downloaded and installed Zcash yesterday on my Linux Debian server, I wondered why there is still no balance in my wallet… How do I now if my server is really farming Zcoins and how can I check how many money I made?

On the github page from Zcash there is only a instruction how to send money… Not, how to see, how many money I generated…?

Furthermore, I just need to start it like in the picture below and the mining got starred?

It looks like you are solo mining with your CPU. There are so many people competing for ZEC you will likely never find a block on your own.

Best thing to do is join a pool to get some small payout. https://www.zcashcommunity.com/mining/zcash-mining-hardware/

But as you can see on the right side, I already have blocks...?

That is the current block height of the network, not blocks you have found. You can see the same number in the other window under :zcash::heart:

CPU mining--other than for educational purposes--is unlikely to be productive. Network difficulty has skyrocketed in the last 2 months and profitable mining now requires rigs with many powerful GPUs running on cheap power.

Coinwarz has a set of useful charts depicting network hashrate and difficulty:


As hashrate increases, so does difficulty.

I have a i7-4770. Is that right, that this CPU makes 90 kH/s (equal so 90.000 H/s)?

No. There is mention elsewhere on this forum that the 4770 gets around 24 hashes per second (not KH). TDP for this CPU is 84W and so let's assume your entire machine runs at 120W or so and that your power is 0.1USD/KWh. Plug those numbers into a profitability calculator: You'll be mining ZEC 0.001643 per day with power costs of $0.2640 per day, making a loss of $ -0.1.