Balance and wallet

I’m new in the cryptocoin world, i have like 3 hours mining and i don’t how to know my balance, and i either know how to send it to my wallet Address. I mean, it just go to my wallet automatically or do i have to input some code? I really appreciate any help, sorry for my bad English.

If you are solo mining with low hashrate, you probably get 0.
Check wallet by type ./src/zcash-cli getinfo in terminal.

@kanoran you will need to give us more info.

By the sounds of it you could probly be mining for someone else and not know it.

Are you solo mining, or pool mining ?

If pool mining, then do you have your own user name and worker details correct ?

I follow the steps on the github guide and see the video on the official page Download Zcash | Zcash
how do i know if im minning for someone else?

Look for Pool posts in the forum and pick one you like. Mining solo with a small hash rate is next to useless.

Find a pool as @ensamvarg suggested. Besides, your hashrate is toooo low.
30 Sol/s earns 0.005 ZEC per day in pools( What I got).

i’m already looking for a pool, sorry to bother, how can i make a wallet?

I think wallet is embedded in the zcash code. I use one new T_address to get pay from pool.

t_address or z_address?, both seems work

I use T_address in flypool as Z_address has payment bug. Both should work.

with 0.0075 sol/sec it’s honestly better give up until you find a better hardware. It will give you literally 0 (not even 0.000000001) ZEC/day since you will be unable to submit a single share within 2.5m.
(actually, if you will be very-very-very lucky, you might get something around 0.000000001/week, maybe - with 0.0075 sol/sec it’s unlikely but still possible to submit a share in a given period of 2.5m)

I installed zcash and set up my T_address and Z_address locally. I’ve been running the miner for a number of hours over several days. I was getting around 0.346 sol/sec or thereabout and have well over 1000 Equihash solver runs.

But when I run “$ zcash-cli getbalance” it shows 0.0000000

Is this normal, or is my configuration off somewhere? (I didn’t set up pool mining or anything, so as far as I know, my mining efforts were supposed to be building my own local wallet balance.)

0.346 sol/sec is unfortunately nothing. You will not mine any zcash in the foreseeable future with that. If you want to solo mine you would need to be 10,000 sol/sec+ at this point (if not much more)

Then there is not really much incentive for most people to do mining. I have a pretty beefy system, so it seems the only way I would be able to achieve 3 x 10^4 increase in magnitude on my sol/sec rate would be to run this on a server farm.

This creates a huge disincentive for early adopters who don’t have such firepower. Even for people mining in groups, it seems the group itself would have to collectively have a large array of processing power to be able to share 1 ZEC.