Where can i purchase zec?

I am trying to purchase ZEC I am reading all the rules, and can’t find an updated thread on where I can purchase ZEC
my dilemma is I have been trying for almost one month.
First Changelly only allows you to spend 50 us worth and then this site called Kraken has the worst customer service, I submitted all my identification up to Tier 4 waiting 2 weeks to be verified.
Sent several messages to their customer service with people replying with a standard messages saying submit this info, when it clearly says processing more than 2 weeks after I submitted it.
I must have sent 4 messages, open support tickets it like I am speaking to a machine!!
Now I am stuck trying to buy Zec and getting angrier by the minute.
I just wanted to ask CAN anyone tell me where I can purchase ZEC no hassle???
Using Cash/Card that is???

personally like kraken… just takes a minute to onboard. took around a month for me to receive tier 4 verification… that being said, try posting this in #market https://chat.zcashcommunity.com/home
believe there’s a few OTC traders that might be able to help (cumberland mining comes to mind)

also, think this is an updated list ZCash Exchanges – ZCash community blog

wow thanks soooooooo much from I wanted to buy it been down then just shot up to 100 more and I could have cried, thinking their waiting process was horrible, imagine they encourage you yet it’s so hard to buy wow

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