Which Exchange to go with?

Hey guys I have been mining for several months now and I would like to start trading my zec to usd or btc. I am looking for recommendation on exchanges and I am in the US. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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There’s more than several right answers - I compared about 8 of them… good liquidity, acceptable fees, good selection of “your” coins, charting platforms (if that’s important to you), desktop vs mobile, their need for your private info, where you live (one exchange is no longer accepting us citizens. What are your needs now? Later? My criteria prolly won’t be yours. I participate on four different exchanges now… Good luck!

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I think my priority would be

  1. easy to trade zec/usd and zec/btc
  2. easy to withdraw usd
  3. their need of private info

I hope you can give me some insights on which exchanges I should go with.

Thanks a lot!

I am interested myself. I am looking at BitTrex, Kraken, and Changelly to begin with but I want to make sure I can buy some zCash as I am getting into investing and trading. Do any of these not let you buy with USD? Do they all accept US based purchasing?

I am just getting a mining rig together but want to support zCash by buying some too :star_struck:.