Exchange and withdrawal

Hi there,
been mining 15 days with 6 1070ti’s and i firstly used Jaxx wallet.So zcash->btc->coinbase but it seems a little bit expensive…Now i am using cryptonator but i cant understand the way the withdrawal works as i cannot add any bank account anywhere…Any help would be much appreciated…Or any other suggestion about a zcash wallet than u can withdraw usd or euro…Thanks for your time!!!

Coinbase works, go zec>ltc. If you have windows i suggest zcash4win, the most problems ive had is sometimes error messages pop up when download slows but just ignore them. Maybe sell some to your family or friends directly.

When i used cryptonator i exchanged on there zec for btc,eth,bcash or litecoin then sent over to coinbase… but i got tired of always getting hit with kinda high exchange rates through them… so now i just use my bittrex account sell whatever zec i need to cash out for eth or btc then send straight over to coinbase…

So coinbase seems to be the most solid place to withdraw usd or eur right?
But coinbase doesnt generate zcash address so i can mine directly to it like cryptonator right?
Thanks again in advance!

No coinbase dosent directly list zec but hoping it makes it on there sometime this year… It would make my life and more then likely a bunch of other people’s lives way easier lol

Why dont you guys swap with almost no fees to btc or eth using evercoin and than send it to coinbase or whatever.

I’ve never heard of evercoin… I’ll have to check it out thank you for letting me know about that…

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There are only only four (4) (at this time) crypto coins you can send to coinbase. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). That’s it!! period…

If you send ANY cryptocoin other than what they accept there is a 90% chance you will never get it back.

Personally, I mine to my local wallet, and then when I need to withdraw I go via Kracken, convert to EUR directly there, then withdraw to Revolut and then convert there to GBP to withdraw to my UK account :slight_smile:

The best route will vary depending on the final fiat currency you want, but to get to GBP thats the cheapest I have found…fees are very low (around 2% all in between all providers). The trip there is getting a good rate on Kracken but their EUR markets are very liquid so its not usually an issue.

Of course I wouldn’t be withdrawing anything at the moment given the recent price drop - give it time to recover first…