Which miner software is right for me? got an i7 box, want to support zcash and make a couple coins

There are multiple miners discussed on this forum with various optimizations. I’ve got an i7 to spare, nothing GPU wise, which software is right for me to mine? Should I join pool or am I fine solo mining if I don’t care about averaging returns? Thanks !

Check out nicehash miner with pool support

To clarify on what Fred is saying, I’d recommend not using nicehash if you want ZCash payouts, but you can use patched forks of nheqminer like:

Some 1% pools:

The current fastest CPU miner is based on xenoncat’s solver (although tromp continues to make optimizations so we’ll see)

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Thank you for the clarification, just to double check, nicehash is for using with pools, the patched nheqminer can pay to an address as a solominer, but for pools using nicehash has better optimization?

Since I only have once CPU to play with, it probably makes sense to join a pool or am I ok just fiddling by myself? Thanks!

Nicehash basically buys your hash power and gives you BTC and rents the hash power you sell them to others. They give nicehash BTC and they get zcash. They do get a % on both ends of the transaction but I’m not sure what it is.

These are pools who have altered the nicehash miner to point to their pools and you get zcash with a 1% fee.

These you point at your own wallet and mine all by yourself. It all depends on what you want your end product to be.

Got it, thanks so much!