I got a problem with the NiceHsh Miner

I downlaoded the miner in here https://github.com/nanopool/nheqminer/releases and runned it with good parameters, but it’s showing me just 1 Sols/s, based on some reference (from this forums too) 1h/s = 1Sols/s so why is it I am getting 37h/s on Xmr-stak (mining XMR) and 1Sols/s on nheqminer (mining Zcash)

Laptop, i5 → just trying zcash out in this platform

two quick short answers

  1. that software was abandoned 12+ months ago
  2. Zcash though can be mined with a cpu for hobby / test / proof of concept reasons, you will want to use a GPU to mine with for any real H/s.

what command you use to mine on nicehash ?

did you get success ?