Who belongs the mined ZEC balance until a t- or z- address is created?


I'm new to electronic currencies, so please apologize my naive questions.
I installed zcash 1.0 from the binaries and I'm mining.

zcash-cli getinfo shows that my balance is currently 0 and I understood that it can take very long to have a non-zero balance.

Assuming that one day I'm happy enough to hit a block, to who would the ZEC reward belong? To the rpcuser set in the zcash.conf?

I don't understand if I need to create an address (t-addr or z-addr) from right now, so that I can dispose from the amount if any, or if I can wait until a first nugget comes.

What is exactly the role of t-/z- addresses as compared to the rpcuser. Do they act like a frontend for the rpcuser's balance?
If exchanging ZEC for USD on day on an exchange platform, will I need to create a t-/z- address to send the ZEC (or would the rpcuser suffice)?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


There's already addresses created in you wallet about 100 but not shown. (This is key pool)
If you successfully mine one block, then it will show up.

Type "zcash-cli listsinceblock" and you will see what address generated new block.
It should be T address.

rpcuser is not related to wallet addresses. It is just an interface to interact with wallet daemon and user.