From private balance (mining reward=generated coins) to t address


I mined a block and pool wallet has sent the reward to the same wallet’s private balance.

How can I transfer this private balance to a t address on the same wallet?

Most pools payout to the address you specify when you started mining, so you will have to send from that wallet to whichever address you want.

Which wallet did you use to make your mining address?

It is my own pool, I did not put any rewardrecipient in zec.json and block end up in a private balance. I can see balance in private. My question is, how can I transfer balance from private to t address?

Let me provide you more details

“rewardRecipients”: {
“”: 0.0

listtransactions output

“account”: “”,
“address”: “t1Xddvk9ZXxdK5MfSSE9jJ4DQRGcCE3XXP8”,
“category”: “generate”,
“amount”: 10.00418480,
“vout”: 0,
“confirmations”: 395,
“generated”: true,
“blockhash”: “0000000001e7d65e38629f05d44f654aa0141db7239ce151c4453977f6356cb0”,
“blockindex”: 0,
“blocktime”: 1554937307,
“expiryheight”: 0,
“txid”: “4b9ba2661130a6f89af099951f2c5e2f17b453b1dab8c7dc6ebdb5eaf27dd33a”,
“walletconflicts”: [
“time”: 1554937307,
“timereceived”: 1554937318,
“vjoinsplit”: [
“size”: 216
“account”: “”,
“category”: “send”,
“amount”: -10.00408480,
“vout”: 0,
“fee”: -0.00010000,
“confirmations”: 294,
“blockhash”: “00000000025723852bb10039a421a64cd38fc6c0752deb5e316b4c21699629e4”,
“blockindex”: 4,
“blocktime”: 1554953767,
“expiryheight”: 513276,
“txid”: “a751c8696f76436badf9c5b4be6d90adf7f9148ef8a4f759867382c78b88b1fa”,
“walletconflicts”: [
“time”: 1554953716,
“timereceived”: 1554953716,
“vjoinsplit”: [
“size”: 1189

So let me get this straight, you are mining your own chain and changed the founders reward recipient addresses?

If that’s the case the you should have changed the Founders Reward addresses to addresses you control so you could receive the other 2.5 ZEC from the block.

But If you removed the Founders Reward addresses and are mining on the Zcash chain the the block will be rejected by consensus by the network and will not be valid to spend.

No, I did not change founders reward, and 2.5 zec went to zcash wallet.

Let’s make it simple.

I’ve funds in Z address, how can I transfer funds from z to t address?

ZEC block reward: 10.00418480 is stuck in private z balance on my wallet. I want that balance to transfer to t address.

Here’s the screenshot,

Assuming you are using the Zcash-cli then you can use the z_sendmany command. Zcash Payment API — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation

Isn’t it Zcash-cli z_sendmany used to transfer funds from t address to z address?

The part that is confusing is that private addresses start with a Z not a T. So you have no funds in a private address.

Since you seem to have won a block solo then the Blockrewards must be sent from T to Z first then they can be spent normally.

Yes, reward is already sent from T to Z address, and now I’ve balance in Z address. My problem is how can I transfer Z address balance to T address?

Z_sendmany will allow you to send T-T T-Z Z-Z Z-T

This is an Asynchronous RPC call. Send funds from an address to multiple outputs. The address can be a taddr or a zaddr.

does that mean I can transfer z address balance to t address using

zcash-cli z_sendmany from z_addess to t_address [from address can be z and to address will be t address?]

Please confirm.

Yes, that will work for sending Z to T

Thanks for your support. I’ll give it a try and update you.

Issue resolved thanks

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No problem, and congratulations on finding a block! :sunglasses:


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