I don't see my balance well

I’v ran a own zcah node for 1 week around. I got around 0.04 ZEC for mining. I mine with GPU in a pool.
I used a t address for receiving ZEC.
Now I tried to backup my node and because of this I just turned off and after turned on.
Now I see 0.00000 in balance.

I can see all of my addresses, and if I check on the internet I have all of my money on the t address.
Why I can not see the money in the balance?
If I check z_gettotalbalance it is also null :slight_smile

So why I can not see it?

My other simple question.
The right usacase with Zcash is that, I store all of my money in Z addresses right? So for example if I can mine only for t addresses, I have to send the money to a z address from my t address, right?


Are you fully synced? If you are, you should definitely see the balance in your t-address.

You won't have a z-address balance if you didn't move your t-address funds to it.

Yes I think I'm full synced. I just stoped for some minutes.

How can I check my balance of my t address?

z_gettotalbalance should show you both t and z balances. I would also double check to make sure you're fully synced. You can do that with getnetworkinfo and check to make sure the block height matches the current network block height.

This command doesn't shows the highest block.

I will try to send ZEC from that address.
But I thing here is some bug with the zcash.

Here is the address: https://insight.mercerweiss.com/address/t1JdPBgQvbzApQzdjf6VFjax6Lz2Hi4UhRF

And the result of the network info.
"version": 1001051,
"subversion": "/MagicBean:1.0.10-1/",
"protocolversion": 170002,
"localservices": "0000000000000001",
"timeoffset": -1,
"connections": 16,
"networks": [
"name": "ipv4",
"limited": false,
"reachable": true,
"proxy": "",
"proxy_randomize_credentials": false
"name": "ipv6",
"limited": false,
"reachable": true,
"proxy": "",
"proxy_randomize_credentials": false
"name": "onion",
"limited": true,
"reachable": false,
"proxy": "",
"proxy_randomize_credentials": false
"relayfee": 0.00000100,
"localaddresses": [
"warnings": ""

Sorry that was my bad. It's just getinfo

Yes it is synced. I will try the transfer, and I will get more 0.01 ZEC soon and I will try to reproduce again :slight_smile:

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