Zcash addresses key Bitcoin issues

I am glad to see the key issues of Bitcoin are addressed in this attempt. Speed of transactions, actual privacy (if your gf wants to buy dildos the whole network doesn’t need to know - if she’s not a magician with hiding her txn).

Though on the amount on the website it says that you can also hide the amount, though on some of the documentation it says that you can’t hide transactions amounts. Guessing just some editing is in order, on my way through the white paper. Keep it up! :slightly_smiling:


Where do you see documentation that suggests the values aren’t hidden? Transactions in the scheme have private values by default but they can be provably demonstrated to others if you choose. (This is useful for solvency proofs and things like that.)

I think it was the intro to whitepapers. Though in the first whitepaper says:

• Reduces the size of transactions spending a coin by 97.7%.
• Reduces the spend-transaction verification time by 98.6%.
• Allows for anonymous transactions of variable amounts.
• Hides transaction amounts and the values of coins held by
• Allows for payments to be made directly to a user’s fixed
address (without user interaction).