Windows 10 wallet plans?

Hello friends at Zcash. Are there plans to release a windows wallet in the near future? I do not like to keep coin on exchanges. I will have to set up linux wallet in the mean time it seems.

sorry I mean to say an official release from zcash team? thank you very much for the reply

For now there is no wallet that is an official release, whether for windows or linux.

from what I understand then only way to access the zec chain directly is through terminal in a linux environment ?

as in only way to create a new wallet w/o going through a 3rd party service or gui wallet made by someone else?

You can build my port of zcash to windows or mac from source, and then run run the Swing UI by @vaklinov by hand (and build THAT from source, too, if you’re really paranoid)…even if you are one of those gentoo linux people that compiles everything from source yourself, I wager you don’t read all the source code. You gotta trust SOMEBODY, which is where reputation comes in.

Over 1000 nodes are running my ports to mac and win, either command line or GUI, without issue.