Zcash Wallet Windows

I want to install wallett work on Windows ?

Install Virtual machine, then Ubuntu Linux into it, and then: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/zcash-desktop-gui-wallet/2129


Wait for Jaxx to release their new wallet. should be up and running tomorrow

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How to create ZCash Wallet on windows?

Bad joke!
How would you like it if someone explains you that you need to run Windows in a VM to use a GUI Wallet?
Especially if that GUI wallet still needs a 5 pages long command line guide to build and install!?!
I can’t believe that 1 day before launch there is still no easy to use & easy to install wallet for all main OSes!?!
And the standard-answer “its-open-source-so-do-it-yourself” simply does not apply here, because there are investor companies earning money with it!
I can just tell them: If you want to earn money by having many users, then DO YOUR JOB!


Install Linux OS, than Install wallet than try to run ,if you cant Learn Linux if you cant just start to learn it, cuz there is no dev team in this ZEC!!!

If you want to be in crypto. Learn to read a FAQ. Pretty sure no one has a responsibility to hold your hand.


I am installing a Zwallet right now in Virtualbox where Linux Mint is installed. :blush:

The problem is not in Linux , the problem is you cant give 30k for miner and dont giving shit for a wallet cuz the future is not only Linux, so … I think this ZEC hupe will burn like a candle for a while and going to the fuckn bottom of Altcoins.

Hey, if anyone needs a wallet, check in the mobile app store Freewallet.org just released a beta. Works pretty well. Oh and FYI, you need to be holding everyone’s hand in this community. The only way you see a profit or even a future at all is because other people buy coins and get involved. There is no community without people, you should try to remember that.


For all those looking for a web wallet, www.bittrex.com has already made it available to create wallet easily of its website. Bittrex is a safe wallet, hence those who are unable to get a wallet address (due to non-availability of linux OS), can easily create their address on it.

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Im using Jaxx Wallet but it crashes all the time :confused:

I’m using Ledger Nano S … Hardware wallet. I use the same hardware wallet for multiple currencies… zcash, bitcoin, litecoin and etherum. I love it. I will never use a web/software wallet again…

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I’m also using Jaxx wallet but so far there is only a chrome plugin as far as I know. I had no problems so far… But i’m waiting for a non-plugin, standalone wallet for windows :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll have one soon! Getting zcash ported to Windows is all that’s holding us back with a wallet that uses a local full node. @zab and I have gotten an app that bundles the Swing wallet by @vaklinov (with additions by @zab) and my Mac port on that platform, and we’re gonna do the same for Windows. Someone who’s an experienced C++ on Windows coder has recently pitched in to help over on the Rocket Chat, so things are looking up.

still no windows wallet? what an incredible shame.

real shame
may be they do not need us to mine it anymore or switch to ethereum ???
how do they want us to support ZCASH , mine it and keep some in our iphone wallet or windows pc ?

@chbreme, I used Bittrex originally for my wallet, then switched to a hardware wallet that supports Zcash. (Ledger Nano S)

Its coming soon! Still working out some platform specific bugs on Windows

eager to see that
thank you