Windows Nvidia, Win7, No miners work

I been browsing the forums as a guest for a while but decided to create an account as I'm having terrible luck getting a miner to work.

Windows 7 64bit
Nvidia 980ti
AMD 1090t processor (not used for mining)

I've tried multiple miners (every nvidia, Windows miner I've seen), spent about 9 hours yesterday trying everything to get something to work. I've tried multiple pools as well, but nothing seems to work or utilize the gpu at all.

I've tried about 5 nvidia drivers that other members mentioned that they were using with no luck.
Cuda is installed as well. Is there a specific version I should be using?

I've read threads for hours and I cannot seem to find anything related to my case. All YouTube video tutorials, (most from members here) seem to make it look so easy, but mine just won't do anything.

All Antivirus and firewalls are disabled.

The only thing I haven't tried is port forwarding; could that be an issue? As you can see I'm sorta desperate for a solution.

I'm not new to mining or programming or anything of that nature (editing a batch file should be quick and painless).

Due to the fact I've tried so many things, I can't exactly tell you what each miner was doing unless I go back and specifically give the information you request if you choose to help me.

It seems the miners are having trouble accessing the gpu, so that's why I've tried so many different drivers.

I would totally pay someone to configure this setup over teamviewer (yes I'm at that point :sob:)

My next step is ditch the windows and dual boot debian or something of that nature but would like to just use the windows os if I can.


Mods please delete this thread as I posted in the wrong category. I can't seem to figure out how to delete it.

If you have any advice or solutions please reply to my thread under support. I'll pay donations in bitcoin for any solution to get this sorted.