Would like to set up a chinese zcash community

would like to set up a chinese zcash community…

to help zcash grow in china.


We would love to grow our Chinese community too! :slight_smile: We are working on translations for our website as well. If you have any suggestions, please let Zooko know!

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i can help a lot with transaction…

i am one of the technical advisor of factom project and translate their website into chinese too.

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Hi there! The team just announced a Chinese version of the Zcash website. The Z.cash Website is Now in Both English and Chinese - Electric Coin Company

There is also a growing community of Chinese speaking Zcash enthusiasts who are in the #zcash-zh channel of the Zcash Community Slack: https://inviteme.z.cash/

The team would love your help in spreading the word and getting more Chinese-speaking participants in the conversation.

Good news for Chinese.