On the Operation and Promotion of Zcash Community in China

About the operation and promotion of ZCASH community in China, ZCASH community has almost completely abandoned the operation and promotion of ZCASH since 2017, which has resulted in ZCASH’s poor reputation in the domestic market, but ZCASH’s supporters are still numerous, but not everyone will be on the official forum ladder. There are many domestic digital money enthusiasts. If we can restart Zcast’s marketing and promotion in China, it will have great benefits for zec. In terms of currency price, this will be a good way to restart Zcast’s marketing and promotion in China.
If the domestic community works well, Zec can be brought with 2000 usd. We hope to get the support of ZCASH Company and Foundation.


Hi @ZcashChina :slightly_smiling_face: welcome to the Forum.

I’m not sure what efforts the Electric Coin Company has been making towards Zcash promotion in China, perhaps @joshs would know more.

I think your joining here to ask is a good start, does China have anything like Meetup for users to organize meetings? https://www.meetup.com/pro/zcash-foundation

It can be clearly said that Zec has no promotion and marketing consensus in China since 2017, but after experiencing Zec lock-in fraud and massive loss of GPU absenteeism, Zec now only knows that Chinese players in China know Zec technology is very good, but marketing and promotion is very bad. There is not even a complete Zec community in China’s major forums and virtual currency APP. Now it’s really bad. A good virtual currency in today’s society needs not only powerful technology but also powerful marketing and promotion to stand out quickly. But in the impression of Chinese players, Zec only focuses on technology and never pays attention to marketing and promotion. So it’s slowly lagging behind in the competition of virtual currency. I’m a Chinese supporter from Zec 2016.10.28 to now. I can’t see it anymore, so I’m willing to do two things at my own expense.
The first is to propose a Chinese Zcast community with official support and an APP population of 10,000 people in Zcast.

How accessible is Zcash information in China? Is it censored? (Is that what “I cant see it anymore” implies?)

It’s normal that Zec is not banned in China, but most of its information comes from abroad, so it’s hard for most people to get it without a domestic community.


It’s not just that my poor English expression may not be very clear.

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Your English is better than my Mandarin!!!

How about translations of ZecWallet and the documentation? That would help.


Can you explain a little bit more what Zcast is? Are you referring to Zcash or is Zcast something else?

EDIT: The only “zcast” I could find was a podcast platform that shut down in January: https://about.zcast.co

Can you please explain what exactly you are proposing to do? Depending on the scope of the project it may be something the Zcash Foundation could sponsor, or it could be posted on the Zcash Foundation grants platform https://grants.zfnd.org (once it’s out of testnet) so others could sponsor.

CC @sonya @acityinohio

Zcast 是拼写错误 是 表达 Zcash

I want to build a Zcast China Community Forum to better gather domestic Zcast fans, but I hope to get official recognition and support from Zcast.
I want to build a chat application group similar to QQ Wechat, which gathers 10,000 supporters.
For the time being, only these two ideas in the later period hope to cooperate with the government to do some domestic marketing and promotion.

I see, you mean Zcash :slightly_smiling_face: perhaps we could ask @zirui to help with translation.

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Hi Shawn. Zirui is no longer with the company.

Thanks for the info @joshs, I spoke with Paige and zirui has been removed from the mod team.

Does anyone from the ECC speak Chinese? And to ask the question from the OP: does ECC have any plans for a marketing push in China?

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Yes, Zcast in China has never been a marketing and publicity company. It’s not in good condition now.

@Shawn @ZcashChina Hi. I just got back to the US from a trip out to Singapore, Japan and Korea last night. Part of the intent was to better understand the landscape in Asia as part of an assessment of what is needed, and to assess our plans for better engagement. I did speak with a few people in the Chinese community in Korea. We need to work through plans based upon what we learned and the progress made during the trip. However, we also need help. The world, including Asia - and including China, is too large for our company to engage on our own. We have limited resources. We need people in the community to start new communities, engage and spread the word. We want to support and get behind you. Updates, like this, on what is happening (or not happening) around the world is very helpful. Thank you.