Wrong Balance in my Z Address

My Z Address balance says 14.22121321. But amount that was deposited into my Z Address was 22.6743662. Please get this balance correct. I’m using the WINZEC application.

My ZEC Z Address: zc8kAz2YCaFv8dBxQGEZDym68UjFyY5FinQFtkZ8k9vi51sSk4ktbcph4KeLCc7qSAhFsM6VmiaVZXRJGwReoPjANacvmms

Here is a screenshot which proves what was deposited. Nothing was ever taken out.

Have you made any outgoing shielded transactions i.e. z->z from this address as these won’t be shown by WinZEC?

I did not withdraw any monies from this Z Address after I deposited

Do you use a HD wallet? Perhaps forgot to import private key to one derivative path?

Missing funds are from a z-addr and there is no way to import a HD seed at present - this is also a Sprout address which doesn’t have HD addresses.

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That’s hard to diagnose as nothing is public for a z-addr. I’d rule out any WinZEC GUI issues first by getting the data directly from the underlying zcashd instance. If you can get to the command line and run the zcash-cli command run (from the C:\Program Files\winzec directory)

zcash-cli.exe z_gettotalbalance and see if those values match

I’d also check the output of zcash-cli z_listunspent and finally do a rescan. Check out the “Troubleshooting WinZEC” section of the post here for instructions WinZEC Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting | by Gareth Davies | Medium

Edit: Also I’d recommend downloading zec-qt-wallet from Releases · ZcashFoundation/zecwallet · GitHub. Just install it and it’ll use your existing data directory so will just work.


Has this one be solved?

Can you try installing zec-qt-wallet and see if your balance is correct there?

zec-qt-wallet will automatically use your current WinZEC wallet.