Problem with my Zecwallet

Hey guys, I moved some Zcash from binance to my T-Adress at my Zecwallet. But I can’t see the funds. Now I understand that there’s an issue with Zecwallet. I’m not the most techy guy but I never had the problem transfer funds between wallets and keep everything safe. I’m very nervous right now, can somebody help me please? Accounts - Zchain

Please help people I’m scared my funds are not safe

Never mind guys it’s there boom!

No, I still have the problem. It was there I entred few times now it diseaperd again

Any help ?

Basically I saw the funds in my Zecwallet lite , whatever it says on the block explorer 18.8 something balance, but I entered to my Zecwallet lite again and now it shows again my old balance.I know the funds are safe just kinda bummer because it belongs to my mom lol :slight_smile:

I did rescen and then it showed now it doesn’t show lol, maybe it’s a bug and it will get fixed? I’m just so amateure I only know how to keep my keys safe and I transferred multiple times between wallets I just understood that after the Halo update all the hot wallets started to have problems with Zcash wallets

How’s it working now?