WTB: zcashtalk.org

I would like to purchase this domain from the owner. I am trying to setup a community controlled Zcash forum with no ties to ECC.

I have made an effort to contact the domain owner through my GoDaddy domain broker however this is the response I received:

“At this moment the domain owners information is not available for us to view as the owner opted in to not show his contact information on the whoisdatabase. Due to that we can not proceed with the service and have issued you a full refund for the service.”

  • GoDaddy Domain Broker

Was hoping the owner is lurking somewhere around here…or someone could give me a tip on how to find them. If you are willing to discuss a sale please DM me or reply here. I will pay in Zcash.

At some point that domain was active at dreamhost.com - maybe reach out to them & ask to relay your contact details?

Since it is behind a private whois you will need to contact the host to contact the owner.

Why not just pick up zcashtalk.com, .co, .net, .info instead? They’re all available.

Or zcashforum.org , zcashplace.org , etc…

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