Xenoncat's solver integrated into nheqminer

This is CUDA? There is no mention of that in the in the README.

suprnova yes, flypool 've to try.

No.this is not cuda miner.

This is optimized CPU miner.

Too good to be true :disappointed:
Anyway thank you for this release

@sarath-hotspot are you sure its using Xenoncat solvers ?

Im not getting an increase in hashrate compared to the normal version with the new solvers

same here I think. Having Intel Xeon E5-2680 v2 (Ivy Bridge) and after start it says "Using Tromp´s solver"? Thought this can use xenocat?

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It is xenoncat's solver. With latest changes you will get a message on console like
Using xenoncat's solver

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Check whether your CPU support AVX2 or not.

If CPU does not support AVX2 it fallback to tromp solver.


It just needed more time!

Thank you very much!

Should I see something like Xenoncat on stdout? I compiled as per the readme with the cmake instructions.

Equihash CPU Miner for NiceHash v0.1c
Thanks to Zcash developers for providing most of the code
Special thanks to tromp for providing optimized CPU equihash solver

Setting log level to 2
[08:05:18][0x00007f3274ed4700] stratum | Connecting to stratum server zec.suprnova.cc:2142
[08:05:19][0x00007f3274ed4700] stratum | Connected!
[08:05:19][0x00007f3274ed4700] stratum | Starting miner
[08:05:19][0x00007f326ffff700] miner#0 | Starting thread #0
^[[A[08:05:19][0x00007f3274ed4700] stratum | Subscribed to stratum server
[08:05:19][0x00007f3274ed4700] miner | Extranonce is 428a0460000000000000000060048a43
[08:05:19][0x00007f3274ed4700] stratum | Target set to 00f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0
[08:05:19][0x00007f3274ed4700] stratum | Received new job #1d6
^C[08:05:19][0x00007f32769e5780] stratum | Disconnecting
[08:05:19][0x00007f32769e5780] stratum | Stopping miner
^C[08:05:19][0x00007f3274ed4700] stratum | Authorized worker suprnova.1

I have encountered the following problems (Ubuntu 14.04):

Could not find the following Boost libraries:


What is the reason for this?
Thank you for the help!

what performance increase is expected?

got it..just support AVX :frowning:

Are you using latest code?

People are seeing 50%increase.

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I thought so. It was a new VM and a fresh git clone and build about 2 hours ago.

How do you delete a old file?

IE i have the old nheqminer and wont git clone https://github.com/sarath-hotspot/nheqminer.git

am on 16.04

any help would be great.

that would be great! What's the suggested number of threads? I've read it should be 75% of available vt. Would you confirm?

you can rename the old folder and clone the new one or just clone it into another subfolder.

Wow, it almost doubled my Sol/s!! :astonished:
You're my new hero!!! :heart_eyes: