How to install a solver?

Hi to all.

How to install solver in zcash? I am not a expert and need help.

Can you give me the exact order for terminal?

Thank you

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We (NiceHash) will soon release working equihash miner with optimized solvers by tromp (bins for Windows and source, compilable on linux too). This is how it looks like when it is running:


You should at least be donating to him sizeable amount.

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Very Nice this will be compatible AMD or just nvidia

Thank You

Well done Nicehash. Huge fan here and looking forward to this release (especially the linux one)

Great work Nicehash, where can we find the bins for Windows if they are released?

Bins are not released yet, because we would like to establish GitHub repository first and then release bins that are built out of exact version of source that is on GitHub.

But, to get unofficial miner you can download bins for Windows 64bit (7, 8 or 10) from here:

Working only for AVX/AVX2 capable CPUs, so make sure you have one. We are still having some compiler issues when trying to compile with SSE2 opt. Miner connects to NiceHash. Run it with -h to see options.


Any test version of GPU-miner?

Getting between 3-4.5 hashes on an i7-2800 CPU with 16gb of ram.

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coding error? Speed seems always to increment :wink:...:

[2016-10-20 12:02:58.944463][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.02 H/s, 3.70333 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:03:09.344465][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.12 H/s, 3.84667 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:03:19.769548][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.22 H/s, 4.03333 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:03:40.551082][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.43667 H/s, 4.44 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:03:50.943311][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.52 H/s, 4.61667 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:04:01.346824][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.62667 H/s, 4.82333 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:04:12.027361][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.73667 H/s, 5.03 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:04:22.445863][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.83667 H/s, 5.23 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:04:32.847385][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.93333 H/s, 5.42667 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:04:43.236387][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.92667 H/s, 5.40667 Sol/s
[2016-10-20 12:05:04.047094][0x000032e8]: Speed [300 sec]: 2.91667 H/s, 5.49 Sol/s

Like many people are asking any AMD version to come out

thank you

Hell how to set up the bat file would you be kind enough to share that thank you

Why don't You use xenoncat's solver for CPU?

+1 this should be a priority. Also, nicehash could garner themselves a HEFTY amount of community goodwill if they release a Windows binary (x64) wrapped GPU miner (Zogminer) once it's ready for testing.

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So you need a nicehash account to run the miner? How does it 'connect to nicehash'?

i've an AVX capable CPU, so do I only need to copy those bin files to the nicehash miner bin folder to test this ?


ok, that was nice & easy 2.18 H/s on an AMD-FX

I integrated tromp's solver into zcash.

If you don't want to try custom build, these changes will be in official zcashd RC2 release (with custom commandline argument).

does this custom build have commandline arguments ?

integration have been on master only or in standalone-miner too?

Integration was done in standalone-miner branch.

My build didn't have command line option.
Tromp solver is enabled by default.

Check my commit message.