Yet another EWBF iOS/Android monitoring app


If you need an iOS app to monitor your EWBF mining rigs, try YoungBuffalo. Remember to add the option –api to the miner command line.

YoungBuffalo is an iOS app for monitoring cryptocurrency miners. EWBF, Claymores and Antminer are supported.


  • Fast loading.
  • Smooth GUI with asynchronous computation.
  • Users are allowed to edit rig information.
  • Users can re-arrange the order of rigs.
  • Remote rebooting is supported.
  • Users can view the full console of miners with one touch.
  • Easier viewing long lists of rigs with Compact view mode.
  • Highlight problems of too low speed and/or too high temperature.
  • Show incorrect shares (for Claymores) and rejected shares (for Antminer and EWBF).
  • Both iPhone and iPad are supported, iOS 9.0 or higher is required.

Available on Apple Store:

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