I can’t see my fund in z address ( shielded guarda Waller)

I had complete the transaction six hours ago, from t address to z address with shielded Guarda wallet) still I am not able to see my fund yet, and it just keep show synching in the main screen? What does that synching suppose to mean?

I don’t have that wallet (I have iPhone only) but it appears that your phone is not syncing with the Zcash blockchain. Syncing means that the wallet pulls in the latest information from the Zcash blockchain so you can see up to date information regarding transactions etc.

As I have no idea how this wallet works since I haven’t used it myself, I’m pinging @GuardaRatto to help out.

Thx for your reply rex, I can’t see funds in my wallet yet , does that mean my transaction is stucked ? I pay 7 satoshi/byte , does that too few?

Hello guys, I checked the transaction record explorer.zcha.in

It listed that my transaction is included in block with around 500 confirmation , why am I stil unable to funds in my balance? The fund transferred from t address to z address.

Thank you for the tag. :ok_hand:

Syncing means that the wallet is verifying transactions up the blockchain and if it isn’t fully synced your transaction may not appear especially if it was recent, you have to wait for syncing to complete
Guarda took me a solid 4 or 5 hours which is slow compared to Zec wallet lite (and I believe needs backed up otherwise it’s going to resync every time)
You just have to be patient

Based on the info you’ve provided, i can say that:

1 - Actual version of the app right now is 1.35.
2 - Can we see your transaction HASH?
3 - You need to fully sync your wallet before you can send a transaction.

Thanks for the reply , the transaction only carries input but no output … what am I supposed to do? It already included in the blockchain , but no output . Do my fund will stuck there for a long time ?

Thanks for the reply, the standard fee of zen is 0.0001 zec which is about 48 satoshi per byte , but seems shielded guarda wallet only allowed 35 satoshi per byte as I remembered , am I right ?

Maybe it’s the synching issue , it keep saying that the synching is 51 % 。 what should I do to make it faster ? I use shielded guarda wallet from google app store

And does I have to wait it synching to 100%then I am able to see the fund shown in my z address?

The synching go back to 50%, what I am going to deal with it?

You need to sync it to 100%, otherwise nothing will work properly.

I had put it on a charger and set the screen timeout to never till it finished

Thanks for the reply , may I ask once my transaction was recorded as “included in the block “in the Explorer blockchain , does that mean my transaction had already completed ? and the only thing left is synching of my wallet?

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Yes, that is correct