YWallet Maintenance and Minor Improvements

Not sure I’d call it a Catch22. First of all, I am not part of the ZCG. But if I were, I’d treat this like a candidate coming in looking for a job. They would show resume, education, reference letters, and past projects. Basically, they will deliver on the job.

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I’d love to be involved in some UI/UX work for YWallet; would be nice to have a more minimal interface that is easier to use for new Zcash users, I’ll work on some Figma mockups for some community feedback when I have some time, but I think something along the lines of Ziga’s wallet design mockup would be good as a starting point – https://www.figma.com/proto/YHgCQdUSr23z1D3EdTgOTU/Zcash-Wallet-(concept)?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=10-1551&viewport=241%2C48%2C0.11&scaling=min-zoom&starting-point-node-id=2%3A1536&hide-ui=1

It would be easier to make UI improvements in a React Native project, I’m not familiar with Flutter/Dart. If there’s interest, I could have a go at experimenting with putting together a prototype app using WarpSync FFI/Node.js bindings in a React Native project for some user testing.


1.4.4 - Changelog

YWallet is currently going though a major UI redesign and code refactor/cleanup.

It will take several months to finish.




  • Fix issue with QR Scanner on iOS
  • Fix crash on Android 14

UI/UX work continues…


Thanks for all the amazing work @hanh :star_struck: :mechanical_arm:. Without you my wallet would have not worked for several months, if not almost a year when I had ZEC. Don’t think folks give hanh enough credit for keeping the UX solid throughout the spam boost. Highly dynamic developer that should be fully funded, if not compensated more to start a team.


@hanh is basically the ECC engineering department.

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He certainly sets the standard for ‘Best Mobile Wallet’ - way ahead of the others & has been for ages.


There is plenty of folks who worked on protocol to make that wallet even a thing. At some point there should be some review or coordination efforts to consolidate some of the spending on wallets. It’s not valuable to have 5 or more okay wallets and just 1 actually functioning wallet. I get a lot of this serves for optics on larger wallet efforts but irritating users during an alt coin season, with down only trends, is not ideal at all.


I totally agree on consolidation, in general. It’s ridiculous to have many OK wallets and not a single great one.

Which is why the one with the most momentum (YWallet) should have been the “chosen” one instead of this Zashi experiment.

And sure plenty of people contributed to the protocol, which is great, but this is more about making said API accessible to people.


Version 1.5.0

  • Major UI/UX update.
    Large portions of the code have been rewritten. Therefore, 1.5.0 will go through a longer period of testing.
  • Performance Improvements across the board
  • Step by Step Tx Send
  • Improved Sweep Funds, Key Tool
  • Historical Market Data from 1 min to 1-month intervals,

It is released in Open Beta on Android and iOS.

Android: Join through the playstore
iOS: Join the YWallet beta - TestFlight - Apple


Beta 2

  1. Contact Edit/Delete
  2. Rescan
  3. Db Concurrency Improvements
  4. iOS Build CI
  5. Back button from top page moves to Account
  6. Upgrade Flutter
  7. Hide Open Gallery button
  8. Select Account sends to Home
  9. Contact as main tab
  10. Change Icons
  11. Fix QR size
  12. Bug fixes
  13. Background Sync

March Release


  • Portuguese translation
  • Flathub update
  • Multi notes for multi payments
  • Support for TEX addresses


  • Add workaround for LWD with broken certificate chains
  • Language Selection Menu

I use ywallet, it was the best wallet I found for Zcash. I would like to be good at programming just to help with the development of ywallet.

  1. where has this disappeared (and with it the whole hw wallet support?), how to use YWallet with ledger again? https://ywallet.app/advanced/ledger/

  2. why are we waiting for zondax ledger app (with only sapling) if we already had a ledger app with sapling+orchard?

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It will come back in a later release. The UI needs some adaptation to fit the new design.


Ledger requires an organization to commit to maintaining the app, and also requires doing audits before it’s approved, which AFAIK couldn’t be done in this case.

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I wouldn’t use the word “couldn’t” in this case. You can pay for audits and support. Ultimately, the decision was to rehire Zondax.



This adds the ability to swap ZEC for other cryptocurrencies through a third-party swap provider.
Currently it supports StealthEx. Other providers (including DEX) will be added in the future.

Full Changelog : v1.5.7…v1.5.8+12



Improved support for transparent transaction history.