Z.Cash to still release a GPU miner?

I’m having trouble finding if z.cash still plans on releasing a GPU miner with Sprout. I’ve browsed the forums and skimmed the milestones in github but can’t find anything referencing it. Anyone care to elaborate on if this has been abandoned?

I don’t think a GPU miner is a priority for the Zcash developers at this time. However, a forum member has been developing their own.

there probably won’t be no official GPU miner.

The Zcash team has contracted out GPU and ARM testing, so in order to do the testing a miner will have to be created, it is not known if they plan on releasing the miner or supporting it for launch, I think it comes down to time and resources.

As @Voluntary mentioned, a couple people are working on their own miner, but nobody has released anything for the public.

The one person working on the GPU miner might have been doing it for the audit.

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