N o o b q u e s t i o n s

Hi everyone, so as you can see in the title I’m new in the crypto-currency world and programmation as well. I want to learn more about that. Really.

OS/ 16.04.1 LTS (linux, so ok to run zcash program no?)
GPU/ MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G

My question:
My GPU is enought strong to start “mining” and sync with the Network?(just to run the protocol, mining is not my first goal.)

If you have some advices for me, I take. I have no people to help me in the life so I try to learn by myself.
I’m motivated to learn and discover a new way to transfer value and keep privacy.

Sorry for my bad english
Your noob

In short: There is no gpu mining software for the proof algorithm that zcash uses (yet) so it’s totally cpu bound now.

Zooko recently linked to this article about mining, maybe it can give you some further pointers.

Hi, Ok I have a I5 6600K processor. I know zcash will start working on the 28 october. So you think they will make a gpu version?
Thanks for the link!

I have no insight about what will happen until the lunch but to quote the linked article:

Not much has been decided and due to Zcash’s new algorithm, the performance improvements over CPU mining are going to be relatively small.

The linked thread goes into much more detail: Crowdfund: GPU Miner

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Not true. It’s just private.