Z to Z transaction failure

Hi fellow zcashers,

recently I decided to test mobile zcash wallets and sent some funds from my desktop wallet to mobile.

The amount was 0.09 ZEC, it was a shielded transaction. Here’s TX id:

Here’s a screenshot from my ZEC Lite wallet: Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 21.15.36.png

On zcash explorer it shows 952 confirmations, at the time of writing this, but in my mobile wallet there’s no incoming funds.
Here’s screenshot from my mobile ZEC wallet: IMG_0219.PNG

Did any of you experience such issues before?

I haven’t seen this issue, can you make sure the address you sent to is correct? And make sure the ZecWallet lite app is fully synced and updated?

It shows -734 confirmations

Numer of shown confirmations probably depends on the explorer. On zcha.in it shows 997 confirmations Transactions - Zchain

Last issue like this had to do with the system time being off I think but I’m really not sure

It is correct - here it is IMG_0220.PNG
I checked every single digit in it. Wallet is also 100% synced

Yeah looks like the one block explorer is wonky right now
Theres 0 inputs and 0 outputs and any rpc call I try with it throws any error it may be your wallet is corrupted somehow

There’s 0 transparent inputs and outputs. But there’s 1 shielded input and 2 shielded outputs.
My wallet can’t be corrupt, because I successfully used it for T transaction (you can see small balance on the screenshot IMG_0219.PNG), but my Z transactions are stuck by some reason

No they’re not stuck, in all likelihood they’re in your wallet but theres an error with displaying the correct balance

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Well I hope you’re right and they are in my wallet. Any ideas on how to get them displayed?:slight_smile:
That’s just 0.09 ZEC - I don’t care that much if I lost them but I do care that ZEC wallets function well, since I really like that project
P.S. It’ll be funny if in like 10 years from now someone reads this thread and those 0.09 ZEC will be worth a fortune

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Based on that other users thread, they just eventually re-appeared:

You might also try clearing the cache of the app, or restoring the wallet to a new ZecWallet lite installation using the seed phrase.

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Just restored the wallet on my other laptop from the seed (ZEC lite wallet is up to date, it was downloaded 2 hours ago). Still nothing. Hope I’m just missing something and it’ll appear some time after

Also tried to rescan the wallet - nothing has appeared so far

Can you try restoring the seed words in @NighthawkWallet and checking?

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Already tried that, also tried Unstoppable wallet - no result so far

My guess is you used an old (pre-Canopy upgrade) version of Zecwallet to send funds, but the mobile wallet receiving the funds was the new (post-Canopy upgrade) version of Zecwallet.

There’s a bug tracking this issue here: Use of old versions can result in "misplaced" funds · Issue #93 · adityapk00/zecwallet-lite · GitHub. The specific issue is the way an upgrade (ZIP-212) is handled, more details are in the bug.

The good news is that your funds are not lost. The link above has a workaround which you can try. I’ll also be releasing a new version of Zecwallet this week with a bug fix. You can update your Zecwallet and rescan, and you’ll be able to see (and spend) the funds after that.


Good to hear it! Then I’ll just wait and update my wallet as soon as you release the new version.
Thank you


Lol couldn’t verify that because I wasn’t single quoting the array, silly me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is now released. Update your Zecwallet to v1.4.5, and rescan.


Everything works. Thank you!

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