ZecWallet Lite v1.4.1 - 30 zCash disappeared!

I warn you to use the Zecwallet Lite v1. 4. 1 wallet!
I don’t mean to be prejudiced, but I have approx.

Had 20 receipts on two zCash wallets (zecWallet Lite v1. 4. 1), of which 2 have disappeared. Once around 26 zCash coins and the other time a little less like 4 zCash. Wrong entries or similar were not made. Under “view on explorer” I was able to find the transactions both times. These went into my wallet. It is connected and therefore synchronized, the new transaction is already 4 days old and has 3535 confirmations. However, not a dime of it is on my wallet. I never had such a problem with Wallets before!

If anyone has any suggestions for solutions, I’d be happy to take them.
I haven’t heard back from @adityapk00 yet, unfortunately.

Rescan unfortunately without success.

Is this on pc or mobile?

Did you send the coins to the wallet’s main address? If a wallet doesn’t know about multiple addresses (that maybe you generated on another machine), and its “First” address has a zero balance, a rescan won’t check others automatically - If you were working with multiple addresses, try creating those new z addresses (however many you think you used), and rescan again.

(not sure the correct nomenclature on what I’m calling the “first” address, but addresses are generated sequentially from the wallet seed, so the first one generated from the seed will always be the same, the second the same, and so on)

Just my anecdotal experience. I hope your problem is fixed soon.


Use it at my PC.

Iam so sorry, my english is very bad. I work with translator and a little bit my own skill.
Can you explain it a little bit easier for me? Thanks a lot!

Maybe i understand you, this is what i do with you tips:
i make at the first t- and the first z-adress of the list (not my first created adresse [i dont know which one this is] ) money. Make a rescan but the missing zcash are not they.

details of my lost:
After i dont can see the 4 zcash, i earnd other zcash coins, that was working.
After this i should earning 26 zcash, but they dont come at my wallet. This is what i think is crazy.
Maybe they can help to find a answer for this problem.

Thanks all!

I agree we have a difficult language barrier. I will try to keep it simple.

  1. Go to “Receive” tab
  2. Click “New Shielded Address” 30 times
  3. Rescan

Good luck.