Zashi shielding issue

Platform: Android.

‘Shield and consolidate funds’ action is hanging for 20 min.

Any idea?

A transaction Id has been assigned, but still in the sending stage

Edit: more than 30 min… Strange. Wallet fully synched

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Initially, I wonder how many notes its consolidating. The auto-shielding function should aggregate the individual transactions across a time frame according to some RNG (for privacy) and If there are many then it could take a while I suppose.


Well no. Pending for 40 min. Re-synch from scratch. 5 min pending now.

Successful after 40 min. Is that normal?

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The manual equivalent would’ve just been to make a single transaction of the total amount sent forward to your new address. The auto shield aggregates it over time to obfuscate the amounts and things like that so it is harder to correlate ralathionship between the txs. And so depending on how many notes, it could potentially take that or maybe longer and that likely applies to any wallet with a similar time-aggregation autospend function.


Most likely the problem here was related to resubmissions. If you had temporary network interruption at the point where the shielding transaction was being made, then it may not have reached the mempool Zashi currently doesn’t perform automatic resubmission (it’s planned but not yet implemented), so instead transactions that don’t reach the mempool will expire after 40 blocks (which can take 50+ minutes) and the funds will become spendable again.


I’d add into the code a switch like, if notes to spend < 3 or something just send to the unified address.