ZEC Disappeared from YWallet

Started my evening (yesterday) out with 9.1 ZEC in YWallet. Transferred .1 to MEXC in a test transaction. It worked, so I went back to send the rest. It was gone. But the block explorer seems to indicate it disappeared in the same transaction that sent the .1 to Mexc.


Separately, you may note that I sent 19 ZEC to the wallet while I was fiddling around, and successfully transferred that to Mexc. (I did so immediately because I couldn’t figure out what happened to the 9.1.)

Can anyone advise?

This is called autoshielding. Your funds are in a z address in that wallet after having been opprotunistically shielded.


Thanks. That possibility occurred to me, so I looked at the Z address, but the balance displayed as 0. UI error?

I’m not sure but it indicates that the 9.1 was transferred to the shielded pool. Perhaps the zaddy has yet to be generated, unsure

After spending from the taddr, you need to wait for full synchronization because the change went to your shielded address.

Before, synchronization was not necessary because spending from taddrs does not require zkproofs.

It was a design choice on my part to not block the users from performing these txs.
I didn’t want to stop the user from spending when he technically can but it can be confusing.


Is there any way to speed synchronization? I’ve been waiting for a couple of days…

I’m guessing you are on mobile or a relatively low-power desktop? The more CPU the better to sync the last few weeks, especially if you have multiple addresses.

I had an old wallet with a bunch of addresses that was acting funny - I would only get one successful transaction per rescan

I swept all of the funds to a new instance of ywallet and have successfully recovered all of my funds into a single address / seed phrase. It looks like the sandblasting has let up; so, if you can get your funds to a new ywallet instance with a new seed, you should enjoy really good performance going forward!

Only one address. I’ll try reloading it.

Try a rescan; if you have a more powerful machine, use it. I think mobile is harder to keep going as android/ios don’t really like background processes. So, it seems the desktop version is the best workhorse for a rescan. @hanh can correct me if I’m wrong.

@Golem Please post your device name & specs and the version of YWallet you are using.

I test YWallet on a OnePlus 3T which was released in 2016. It takes several hours for that device but not a few days.

Still going strong unfortunately.


Downloaded YWallet again and rescanned. Still nothing.

It’s an iPhone 13. Specs are whatever the latest version is in the Apple store.

Can you post a screenshot of the main account page (blur your private info if you want)?

Here it is. Does not load in ZECWallet either, needless to say.

Tap on “Calculating ETA” until it shows “X/Y”…

1529760 / 1748493. It’s been fully synced before, obviously, but at the moment doesn’t seem to be moving from 87%

Ok, let’s leave it like that. Phone charging and app in the foreground.

In iOS, the app cannot sync in the background and swiping it out will cancel the sync.

From what day have you started the scan?

Because I just downloaded it again an hour ago, I started scanning then. I arbitrarily set it to begin from the second half of 2021.

I connected to wifi and closed all other apps. Phone charging. App is open. Syncing seems to be frozen

If you are comfortable with it, you can also DM me your viewing key.

You are reaching the spam attack range… It will start to get slow.

Is that a set of dates? What was the spam attack dated?

Sending viewing key now