"Zcash Merch" - Idea

This could be a grant proposal for someone but I actually think it sits better under the umbrella of a NFP like Zfnd.

@Dodger I suggest Zfnd look into setting up a not for profit merch store. The goals are 2 fold…

  • Sell Merch for fans, community, meetups to use
  • Provide referral codes to help content creators (e.g. youtubers) monetize their content

I’ve been hankering for an official Zcash hoodie for far too long… it’d be awesome to have a place to get legit merchandise and pay in shielded ZEC.


ECC has one here: https://zcash.threadless.com/, but alas, we don’t have one that will accept shielded ZEC yet! I would love to see one too!


As there is no Zcash official Merch, Zcash fans all over the world have to make their own one with the Zcash logo.

I’m waiting on a Storus Zcash branded smart money clip: Personalization – Storus

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I’m confused why it’s ok for threadless to sell Zcash stuff but the sticker guy can’t. What am I missing here? Did threadless sign a license with ECC and ZF?

Or is ECC just selling stuff through threadless and that’s ok?

Threadless allows individuals to set up thier own stores on thier website.

ECC set up that store to sell Zcash branded merchandise, they are already party to the TM agreement.

The sticker guy can sell merch with permission, but they must sign an agreement to do so. They did not want to divulge their identity by signing a legal document so they were not able to open the store.


On second thoughts maybe we could RFP to partially subsidise an entity to run a store for us. They are incentivised to increase sales and products by profiting, and subsidies provided to could feed back into the community in the form of referral codes for content creators.