Zcash Arborist Call - February 25th

Our next Zcash Arborist Call will be February 25th at 22:30 UTC!

Registration is now open and you can sign up for the call here. We’re experimenting with meeting frequency and decided on the call today to meet again in two weeks.

Arborist calls are where Zcash protocol contributors convene to discuss upgrade timelines and process, protocol R&D efforts, design and implementation of new protocol features, and identify blockers and unresolved issues. See this post for full details.

On this call we’ll we’ll be continuing the discussion of the NU5 timeline and Halo on Zcash, also known as Orchard and ZIP 224.

If you’re interested in presenting at future Arborist calls, contact me at steven@electriccoin.co with “Arborist Call” in the subject line.