Announcing Zcash Arborist Calls: a monthly Zcash protocol development meeting


The Zcash Arborist Calls are open monthly video calls about research, development, and implementation of the Zcash protocol. Anyone is welcome to join the audience, provided you agree to follow our code of conduct.

This is one of several community & open development events hosted by ECC. Please check out ECC/Zcash Community Events - LINKS for others.


  • What?
    • A monthly call where Zcash protocol contributors convene to discuss upgrade timelines and process, protocol R&D efforts, design and implementation of new protocol features, and identify blockers and unresolved issues.
    • The standard agenda is described below.
    • One week prior to each meeting that meeting’s agenda will be posted here.
  • Why?
    • To make core Zcash protocol development accessible for a wider set of participants and provide more transparency for the community at large.
  • Who?
    • The meetings will be initially facilitated by Steven Smith from ECC.
    • Presenters are expected to either give a quick status update about consensus node implementations or R&D progress or guide the meeting through an in-depth agenda item relevant to the Zcash protocol. (See the Agenda below.)
    • an open Audience - any member of the public interested in learning about Zcash protocol development.
  • When and Where?
    • A 80 minute Zoom call, on the first Thursday of each month from 21:30 - 23:00 UTC, starting July 2, 2020.
  • How?
    • To request a presenter slot, email with “Arborist Call” in the subject line.
    • To attend the audience, join the Zoom link we will post shortly before meetings on this announcement.


Current Facilitator: Steven Smith, ECC

1. Welcome, Meeting Intro ~5 min

Meeting purpose.

2. Network Upgrade Schedule ~5 min

  • Target dates for the next upgrade: mainnet activation, testnet activation.
  • Upcoming milestones.

3. Research and Implementation Status Updates - ~10m

Updates from protocol research teams and consensus node dev teams

4. Presentations - up to 50 min

Presentation agendas are set prior to meeting and included in each meeting announcement. These can include in-depth design presentations, proposals, anything else relevant to protocol development. They should set aside part of their time for Q&A / discussion.

If there are more presentations requested than time, the facilitator selects among them and budgets their time. Time per topic may vary.

5. Open Announcements / Audience Comments - ~5 min

Anyone with something relevant to the group can speak by raising their hand / signing up. Please keep these relevant to the agenda items or Zcash protocol development.

6. Wrap Up / Read out - ~5 min

  • What unresolved questions or issues need to be addressed?
  • Where and how can people follow up w/ presenters or on these issues next?

Per-Meeting Topics

We will be posting per-meeting topic agendas to this Community Collaboration - Protocol subcategory about a week prior to each Arborist Call. Please email prior to that in order to present.

Upcoming / Previous Meetings