Zcash blockchain visualization (blockchain tx patterns in 146K block)


I’ve created this “small” zchain blockchain visualization, it cares only about txs that have public io. (146K blocks → ~few hundreds K nodes (t-addr is a node) about and several multiples of that is the number of active edges (~1M txs but they can get heavily expanded in the visualization):

Give it a few minutes and then just seek watch it (as the total number of nodes grows).

What is cool about this one is the fact: the further nodes are from the circle center, the older they are (reminds me of tree growth rings).

I could postprocess it heavily (fastfwd, annotate important addresses (mostly pools)).

Anyway, it has ~0 info value, so take it easy, I like to stare into such things and get new ideas. :>

If anyone is interested I can release full source code/pipeline to you to recreate/improve & add some editing skills to this thing. The process is like this: getrawtxs for all txs, decode it via custom c++ parsing tool, produce viable format for Gource (and modify Gource a bit) and then compress the video as it is flowing from as a PPM stream.

All the best,
Krypto Baron


Fireworks, fireworks everywhere!

Really neat presentation!
Having the ability to represent data like this is very mesmerizing, i’ll be following updates!

Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work mate!

Hey kryptobaron,
really like your work :grinning:.
I am also interested in network visualization. Is it somehow possible to contact you directly concerning the code?