Zcash Brazil 2023 - Proposal

Dear Zcash Community!

We are excited to share our 9.1 milestone - September/2023.

The following report is about the Zcash Brazil 2023 proposal:


Milestone 9 - estimated completion date: 09/30/2023

We started the month attending the Dweb Camp Event:

We attended the BlockchainRio Event:

We created an avatar using IA and started voting for the community to choose the name

We attended a Community Call w Zcash Foundation AV/Club & Filecoin Foundation:

We wrote an article about our meeting with ZCG on 30/08

We translated and posted an article about Sustainability & Resilience

We created ZecHub Brazil on Twitter

  • Link
  • We’re translating the shorts by zechub to Portuguese and posting them on Twitter.
  • We’re translating the Arborist Call Summary by Squirrel into Portuguese

We started to translate educational articles from ZecHub

We announced Zashi Wallet on Midias & Discord

We announced Brave & Zcash Partnership on Midias & Discord

ZecWeekly in PT on Substack, Free2Z, Discord & Odysee

ZecWeekly 58

ZecWeekly 59

ZecWeekly 60

ZecWeekly 61

Design Team @iogy / @Mine


As expected, we from the Zcash Brazil design team were present at the Blockchain Rio festival. It is fantastic to be able to attend those events. There, besides meeting people and making new connections/networking with add-on projects, it was possible to observe what is useful and effective as promotional gifts and if a new trend is coming.

POAP BlockchainRio

BlockchainRio Community Call

Partnership file coin Brave and Zcash Banner

Banner of ZcashBrasil Avatar Contest

Banner of Avatar Contest Result

POAP of Avatar Contest Participation

Banner of ZecHub Quiz

Banner of Grants Community Call

POAP Zcash Community Grants Call

Banner of Zashi Wallet




Youtube Background



Instagram 9 Zcash Road Map Posts


PGP Zooko And Vitalik Youtube Shorts

AI Generated Images


AI Generated Images


Dweb Camp Overview Banner


POAP of Dweb Camp Overview Event

Social media metrics:

NOTE: We also have ZechubBrazil channels, YouTube, Podcast, Hive, Odysee, and Substack channels, threads, and others.

Milestone 9 - USD value of payout upon completion of deliverables: $3434

Zcash Brazil Team compensation:

  • @michae2xl & @samara, @e-zec - up to $1250/month for expenses with hours worked as a country manager, public relations, and social media moderator in Brazil.
  • @mine & @Iogy - up to $1100/month for expenses with hours worked as a Design Team in Brazil.
  • @vito - up to $1000/month for expenses with hours worked as Community/Social Media Manager and Content Creator in Brazil.

Total March: $3350

Costs with systems, programs, and community in September/2023

  • Pool ticket: $6 - month / 12x = $72 year
  • Canva: $8 - month / 12x = $96 year
  • Adobe: $24 - month / 12x = $288 year
  • Linktree: $5 - month / 12x = $60 year
  • Discord: $41 - month / 12x = $492 year

Total March: 84$

(You will be paid out in ZEC based on the USD market price at payout time.)

For all Zcash Community:

Our art, code, and work are open-source and free to use.

Thank you so much!

Deliverable 9.1: Zcash Brazil team report: Done.