ZecHub Monthly Updates

Hello everyone, here is a full breakdown of everything we have accomplished over the past month:

Major Achievements

Project Updates

  • We posted our Free2Z Zcash 101 educational series that teaches introductory topics - we shall continue to add to it.

  • @dismad led research into suitable SubDAO configurations and staking.

  • Weekly Sync meetings have been super fun. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped with planning.

  • @vito has joined core team to help with social media management.

  • The site redesign is progressing, we are on track to complete it next month.

Community Contributions

  • Technopapi has very kindly volunteered to post Governance updates.

  • @aquietinvestor has led coordination and planning for production of our ZSA educational video. Thanks!

  • 100 Dework Tasks milestone is approaching soon! Our community contributors proving to be highly consistent.

  • New Subdao, Zcash Design has been proposed. This will consist of design specialists in our community who wish to formulate their own projects and work together.

  • @zcashbrazil held a Discord event for ZecHub Extras.

  • Weekly Newsletters and the Translated versions posted & RT’d by Global Ambassadors deserving of gratitude!

  • Very encouraging to see more community suggested tasks for ZecHub, recently we started working on resolving Coingecko/Coinmarketcap’s information sources.

Planned Next Steps

  • Hosting Community competition using Bison Relay & Free2z.

  • Complete Wiki Site redesign.

  • Release of ZSA video.

  • Book guests for ZecHub podcast to be hosted by Dismad & Squirrel.

Please do share any questions or comments!