Sending zcash (z_sendmay)


I understand that z_sendmay works with Transparent or Protected coins (please correct me if I’m wrong) but I cannot get the following command to work properly. I’m simply trying to send some of my mined coins to with the following transaction. I’m sending freshly mined transparent test coins then I check the status with z_getoperationresult.

./zcash-cli z_sendmany “mtAr91GVnEDreZbq3eWffRCFXAnvqygABV” “[{"amount": .1, "address": "n4MXbgneZrJKYDQZrAqyeXsXcfgD3KcPqf"}]”

./zcash-cli z_getoperationresult
“id” : “opid-e5642ad5-d1c0-4063-95ae-9057598430c1”,
“status” : “failed”,
“creation_time” : 1473605375,
“error” : {
“code” : -6,
“message” : “Could not find any non-coinbase UTXOs to spend.”

I do not understand what “Could not find any non-coinbase UTXOs to spend” means. Can anyone help out?


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I think you first have to send the mined coins to a private address first (see the beta guide on how to do that)

You’ll need some RAM to do that :slight_smile:

That was it! Thanks.

I received zec from genesis mining to my t address. i did not mine these but received the mined ones from genesis mining. I tried to send this to my poloniex t address and got the same UTXO error. Thoughts? please help.