Zcash Community Forum Code of Conduct Update

Today we announce a few changes to the Zcash Community Forum’s Code of Conduct that now better reflect the Zcash Foundation’s values and goals. The Foundation aims to foster an inclusive and positive community that is composed of diverse members dedicated to the success of the Zcash ecosystem.

Recent discussions have exposed areas for improvement in the CoC, specific to how moderators comport in scenarios when discussions may become unproductive.

Thereby, the following changes to the Forums CoC have been made:

  • Moderators will post publicly the reasoning of non-personal administrative actions (such as removing or moving posts) and will closely follow the Moderation Policy.

  • Moderators are held to a higher standard than other community members. If a moderator creates an inappropriate situation, they should expect less leeway than others.

Moderators shall:

  • Acknowledge that they are acting in an official capacity as a forum moderator and will uphold the Zcash Foundation Values

  • Foster a community that encourages the bigger picture of Zcash aka: building a censorship resistant system where people can safely transact;

  • Maintain a welcoming community by taking necessary action towards all community members including moderators who choose not to follow these standards.

Additionally, we have added the following language under the etiquette section, to encourage a more welcoming community:

  • In the Zcash community we strive to go the extra step to look out for each other. Don’t just aim to be technically unimpeachable, try to be your best self. In particular, avoid flirting with offensive or sensitive issues, particularly if they’re off-topic; this all too often leads to unnecessary fights, hurt feelings, and damaged trust; worse, it can drive people away from the community entirely. We expect that members will work towards collaboration, not conflict.

Please let @Antonie or me know if you have any questions. We look forward to the iterative process of making this forum a healthy and welcoming place to individuals who would like to contribute to the Zcash ecosystem and its lofty goals.

Thank you