Zcash Community Meet-ups by Spicy Punks

Spicy Punks is a cafe based in Ludhiana(India), India which is focused on conducting the web3 meetups. Being Blockchain Maximalists we never found a space where we can interact with like-minded individuals, so we innovated the Spicy Punks to be a comfort for all our Web 3.0 fam. On a regular basis, we are conducting meetups so that all who share a similar vision in Ludhiana can discuss on the same platform all the important aspects of web3.

Spicy Punks is looking to organize community meet-ups to help educate users about the Zcash ecosystem and spread awareness about benefits of privacy focused digital currency. We will be discussing the important developments in the Zcash ecosystem along with an introduction to the important elements for a deep understanding for the attendees.

Please refer to our community meet-up for ICP: ICP community meet-up by Spicy Punks on Vimeo

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Hi @SpicyPunks. Welcome to the forum, and thank you for submitting your grant proposal! We will review it in the upcoming weeks and reach out if we have any questions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, you can post them to this thread or DM us at @ZcashGrants.



Thank you @aquietinvestor . Looking forward to your feedback and questions regarding the proposal.

Hi @SpicyPunks!

Welcome to the community! The grants committee met and discussed your proposal. Overall we have mixed opinions about funding efforts for further meetups and marketing at this point in time beyond the Global Ambassador Program. However, we have decided to request further detail about your proposal since India is an important region for Zcash and the committee is very interested in attracting developers that can help build out the Zcash ecosystem.

  1. Can you further describe the size and makeup of the audience that you expect will attend your meetups?

  2. Can you break down the deliverables as milestones for the meetups?

  3. The last cryptocurrency meetups organized at your location were recorded in videos and shared on social media, is the same included with this proposal?

  4. What materials do you plan to use to help educate users about Zcash?

  5. Can you tell us more about a recent experience you have with using an app or resource within the Zcash ecosystem?

  6. Can you please describe some of your achievements associated with your partnership with ICP and AAVE?

Thank you!


Thank you @wobbzz for your questions. Please find the answers to the questions below:

  1. Every meet-up will have a minimum of 40-50 people. The majority of the audience is developers and people interested in the crypto and blockchain domain.

  2. We can have the following milestones:

First milestone after completion of three meet-ups.

Final milestone after completion of five meet-ups.

  1. Yes we will share the photos and videos of the meet-ups.

  2. We will use the Zcash wallet to showcase the real-time use of the technology along with an introduction to developers on how to integrate Zcash payment technology in their projects.

  3. We are long-term investors in Zcash dating our first investment in 2018. We regularly use Ywallet and earlier used Nighthawk wallet for doing Zcash-related transactions. We use shielded transactions for our use in transacting and preserving privacy.

  4. For ICP we are able to connect projects with the team who are now developing on it and for Aave, we have introduced to the audience how to use the platform practically and empowered them to become active Aave community members.

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Hi team, is there any further update regarding our application?

@SpicyPunks, thank you for your submission. After consideration from @ZcashGrants Committee and sufficient time for the community to provide feedback on the forum, the committee has decided to reject this proposal as it is out of scope for funding at the moment.

The committee noted that Zcash Adoption in India is important and hopes that you will stay an active member of the Zcash Community going forward. Although the Global Ambassador Program is currently capped, ZCG would encourage you to keep the program on your radar for next year with the new committee as the program may expand or a spot may open up.

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