and like what i said i dont now this site.
im just searching, searching and searching
i dont know how to handle this
thank you for your support
somebody etc…yes im nood :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

its your…
godbless Zcash. brave all members

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Hi there! Are you looking for any particular information?

maybe…but wait go to my sidter for help…i read iam the part of company???
gud afternoon

youre my builder of ruzebelt and 3rd. party…if youre not help of i dont share my i deals to solve the problem…i need youre commitment

Sent https:// where i get my key…


Stopped hacking me to making source of income i sharing in a right time…all my account you just to back in normal and earning beside il will not (never )touching the coin of zcash even 1 centivous…even i knowing or not because its not mine

100% track on me every minites and hours but dont hacking me to making source of income…if youre not stopped you bugging me you are not support of our communinty/dependencies…we will start over and over…

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying.

If you would like to close your account please DM a mod and we can help you.