Has anyone made experience with wallet? Seems I received 10.27 Zecs but the balancethere is 0.0 after 2 weeks and nobody there to answer my ticket.

It’s probably a scam. There are similar scam online wallets for Dash and despite the Dash organisation’s efforts so far they’ve been unable to have those sites taken down.

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Thanks, that’s what I also thought about. But is there any chance to get my mining reward?

Not if your payouts have already gone to that address. Check it with a Zcash block explorer like

Total received: 10.34, total sent: 10.298; total transparent balance 0.0455.

This is what I see in Zcash explorer. Can i somehow check where the 10.298 Zecs have been sent to?

Unfortunately it looks like you have fallen victim to a Scam wallet. That site is not associated with Zcash Company, I have notified them of this thread.

You may be able to see what address they sent the funds to if it was a transparent address, but there is no way to recover those funds unless you happen to own that address.

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I see, thanks a lot. So I’d better keep my hands off that address. I saw the 10.23 Zecs have been sent , but I cannot follow where it has been sent. At least I ony had this address, but I immediately made a new address for my further mining activities and here everything seems to be ok

I strongly suggest not using wallet which you don’t have the private keys to. The Zcash linux client (node), zcash4mac, and zcash4win along with Jaxx and a few others let you control your private keys. Hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger are also good choices.

Trusting 3rd parties with your Zcash keys is risky because if they are not legit, or your account is somehow hacked you can lose access to your funds.

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thanks a lot, i will follow your suggestions. Up to now I was more focussing on the hard- and software, but less on the wallet. I am mining on Linux and I have private keys, so I should be able to protect my payouts.

Here is the who is link of who owns the fact website. It has contact information but its russian based.

The site has only been active since 10/15 , most of the links from the main page are 404’d, It’s a safe bet that your coins are gone.

you can send an email to and report it

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thanks a lot, just now I have reported this website. Crypot-currency is very good, but there is no one to control the bad guys. That makes it some weired.

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