Zcash daemon logging settings?


I am now running a node on my fitlet a10 in mining mode, is there some kind of log output to track what it is doing? If I launch it in an initscript, for example, I can set it up to put its' output to a file. Well, I ran it for a minute without the -daemon parameter and it was mute, so I guess this means some setting has to be made to make it put some output to its controlling terminal.

Is there any feedback to see about the operation of the miner for the operator, or is the only output to the blockchain?


I think what you're asking is what zcash-cli can do. It has most of the functionality of the bitcoin equivalent plus some zcash specific arguments.

For a simple list of arguments, try:

zcash-cli -h


By default, zcashd logs to ~/.zcash/testnet3/debug.log when running on testnet. To output to console, run zcashd -printtoconsole or set printtoconsole=1 in your zcash.conf.

Also useful: -debug=[STRING] to log certain debug info. For miners, -debug=pow can be useful to get an idea of what is going in (although it is of course inefficient to leave that enabled full-time).

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